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Why have an Auction

Why Sell Your Home By Auction?

  • Contract is final.
  • Get your money much quicker.
  • Presents you with a non-refundable deposit the day of the sale.
  • It motivates the seller.
    • Broker cannot tell seller when their house will sell.  The auctioneer can.

At auction you can break it into smaller tracts.Competitive bidding as opposed to one offer.No ceiling, offer may be over listing price. The following examples create competitive bidding:

  • Grandpa wants grandson next door.
  • Investor wants for resale.
  • Several others just want to buy. 

Auctions spotlight your property. There are thousands of regular listings. Quicker. Definite that on a given date you are going to sell your home. Eliminates carrying costs much faster.

  • Lingering mortgage payments
  • Utilities
  • Vandalism
  • Upkeep

Determines market price, no matter what appraisal says. Causes people to react now! Buyers like buying at auction, they can tell you what its worth. Two types of Auctions: 1) Absolute. 2) Subject to owner confirmation.

People will go to an Auction Open House because they know it is going to sell at a certain date. Proven way to sell property-growing nation wide.Auctions are no longer just for liquidation or fire sales. Auctions are gaining a very good reputation.Rather than having 1-5 people trying to sell to, have 60-70 at an auction. Auctions open up new people in the market place, lookers become buyers.